Recommended post-apocalyptic movies

If you love to watch the movies where the main character lives in a world of dystopia, then you will probably love the lists that we’re going to share with you There are some producers and movie writers who have made crazy ideas about movies that tell us the stories about the lives of a person or people after the world or the civilization we know has been destroyed. You can to watch this kind of movie too.

Here are the recommended post-apocalyptic movies:

I am Legend

This movie which is starred by Will Smith isn’t just about horror or survival. The story is very heart warming, and it’s very sad when his dog gets infected and he must kill his dog with his own hands. The battle scenes against the infected are very thrilling, while the scavenging scene is a mixture between sad and funny.

The Matrix Trilogy

This trilogy is very recommended for the sci-fi fans, especially when the story tells about the world which has been destroyed by the things that far superior to humans.