How to Arrange a Cocktail Party

For those of you who are looking for an idea to throw a party, you can consider throwing a cocktail party. If you do not really understand what kind of party it is, you can read the discussion below.

In the 1980s and 1990s, an afternoon party approaching a lively night was conducted by the hospitality industry to attract executives working in the area around. The women who were present but did not necessarily wear office clothes. They keep giving birth to the cocktail dress. The long dress, however, has turned into a short because the concept of the actual event is semiformal. Unlike the afternoon tea party, a cocktail party is held in standing party format and no longer limited by a certain time.

Arranging the cocktail party dish table is not difficult. You only need to find the perfect cocktail party venue and then you can start the decoration that you want for the party. Some of the tips on how to arrange a cocktail party, then, will be discussed in the following.

In the middle of the room, you can place a round or oval table as the main table. There is no need for a table that is too wide but arranged so that all meals can be reached by guests from all directions. Likewise, certain corner tables are arranged in such a way that guests can reach them. In the middle of the main table that has been given a tablecloth and lace, place a beautiful flower arrangement as a centerpiece, so all the snacks can be arranged on the table.

Hot snacks or snacks that are served warm should be served in a warmer or heater so that guests will still feel the deliciousness of the snack is still warm. All the snacks can be served at the main table and arranged in such a way with small plates, forks, and small spoons. While snacks that are circulated by waiters around and arranged on round trays should contain edible snacks without the help of cutlery, so the guests are easy to pick and eat. Likewise, with a variety of drinks circulated, the drinks should be arranged in the glasses that are easy to hold hands so that guests can still hold it while engrossed in conversation.